Interview with Tony Bremness, CFA, Founding Partner, Managing Director & Chief Investment Officer at Laureola Advisors Inc.

August 2020 | Eurekahedge

Tony Bremness is a Partner, Managing Director, and Chief Investment Officer at Laureola Advisors Inc. Tony has extensive experience in investment analysis, portfolio construction, and risk control. Tony is a frequent speaker at Alternative Investment Conferences, with a focus on Life Settlements. He graduated with an MBA (1985 McGill University, Canada) and has been awarded the CFA accreditation (1991). Mr. Bremness has over 35 years of asset management experience, with portfolios ranging in size from $100,000 to over $10 billion. He has designed, structured, and launched several investment Funds, and has consulted to some of the world’s largest institutional investors on Asset Allocation and manager selection. Laureola Advisors was founded in 2012 and launched its first Fund in April 2013 to allow investors to access the non-correlated and stable returns offered by this unique asset class. Laureola Funds have won several awards over the 7+ year history. Being a boutique Manage

Interview with Michael Günther, Portfolio Manager at Tungsten Investment Funds

July 2020 | Eurekahedge

Michael Günther has been a member of the Executive Board of TRYCON G.C.M. AG since 2002 and since 2013 a portfolio manager at Tungsten Capital, an asset management company based in Frankfurt am Main. Since the year 2000, he has dealt with systematic trading strategies and the application of machine learning and artificial intelligence to the financial markets. In the integration of these technologies in investment decisions, he is one of the pioneers in Germany. Michael Guenther, together with Pablo Hess, is responsible for the development of the proprietary portfolio software QuantMatrix, which applies artificial intelligence and machine learning for the trading strategy of the Tungsten TRYCON fund. The multi-asset long / short fund Tungsten TRYCON AI Global Markets, managed by the two, provides investors with access to new data analysis technologies and artificial intelligence and has received several awards.

Interview with Michael Pomada, President & CEO and Lisa Martin, Director of Business Development at Crabel Capital Management, LLC

June 2020 | Eurekahedge

Crabel Capital Management is a global alternative investment firm specializing in systematic, automated trading of global futures and foreign exchange. Our Los Angeles based firm was founded by short-term trading pioneer Toby Crabel and has delivered over 25 years of uncorrelated returns for its institutional clients. The firm has developed a diverse array of trading strategies designed to systematically capture market anomalies implemented through a technologically advanced, low latency infrastructure. Global co-location facilities and proprietary execution algorithms allow the firm to efficiently trade in approximately 200 futures and foreign exchange markets.

Interview with Asim Ghaffar, CIO of AG Capital Investments, LLC

May 2020 | Eurekahedge

Asim founded AG Capital in 2014. He has a background in economics, strategy, and investment consulting, as well as futures trading and risk management. Most recently, he worked as an investment consultant in Cambridge Associates, LLC’s Boston office, where he advised foundations, universities, private clients, and insurance groups in the U.S. ranging in size from $100 million to $20 billion. Prior to joining Cambridge Associates, Asim was a Principal at Partners Capital Investment Group, LLC, an international investment advisory firm. Before that, he was a strategy consultant at Bain & Company, Inc. He began his career as an economics and business consulting analyst at Charles River Associates, Inc

Interview with Christopher Cole, CFA - Founder & CIO, Artemis Capital Management

April 2020 | Eurekahedge

Christopher R. Cole, CFA, is the Founder & CIO of Artemis Capital Management LP. Mr. Cole’s core focus is systematic, quantitative, and behavioral-based trading of volatility and derivatives. His decision to form a fund came after achieving significant proprietary returns during the 2008 financial crash trading volatility futures and options (verified by an independent auditor).

Interview with Stefan Wattinger, ILS Product Specialist, Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies Ltd

December 2019 | Eurekahedge

Stefan Wattinger is the ILS Product Specialist of Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies Ltd., which manages a number of funds focused on insurance linked investments.

Interview with Dr. Peng She, Co-Founder & CIO of Golden Pine Asset Management

July 2019 | Eurekahedge

Dr. Peng She is the co-founder and CIO of Golden Pine Capital. He graduated from Tsinghua University in Beijing with Bachelor, Master and PhD degrees. In May 2016, he established Golden Pine Capital, the investment manager of Golden Pine Fund. In 2011, he joined Greenwoods Asset Management. He was senior analyst of cyclicals and utilities. He was also directly involved in portfolio management, able to earn rich experience in both domestic and offshore market. From 2006 to 2011, he worked for BASF and Dow Chemical Company, world's top 2 chemical companies. He was responsible for all the external innovation and technology cooperation in the Greater China District.

Interview with Dr. Matthew Swann, Principal of Hiscox Re Insurance Linked Strategies Ltd

January 2019 | Eurekahedge

Matthew Swann is Principal, Hiscox Re Insurance Linked Strategies, a US$1.6+ billion ILS fund manager within global specialty insurance group Hiscox Ltd (LND: HSX). Matthew joined Hiscox in 2007 as a catastrophe modeler where he developed retrocession pricing tools before moving to reinsurance underwriting in 2011. He joined Hiscox Re ILS in 2015 as Portfolio Manager and is currently responsible for advising on investment and product strategy, and business development. Matthew holds a geography degree from the University of Oxford and a PhD in climate prediction from the University of East Anglia.

Interview with Niklaus Hilti, CEO and CIO of Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies Ltd

November 2017 | Eurekahedge

Niklaus Hilti is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of Credit Suisse Insurance Linked Strategies Ltd., which manages a number of funds focused on insurance linked investments.

Interview with Isaac Lieberman, CEO and Founder of Aston Capital Management

May 2017 | Eurekahedge

Isaac Lieberman founded Aston Capital Management as a quantitative hedge fund in November 2013. As a veteran trader of proprietary quantitative strategies, Isaac has more than 20 years of experience trading in global FX and fixed income markets. Prior to founding ACM, Isaac was Managing Director at J.P. Morgan where he was the Head of Algorithmic Trading and the Head of Electronic FX Options Trading. Before joining J.P Morgan in 2008, Isaac was Head of the FX and Fixed Income division in the Principal Strategies Group at Bear Stearns where he worked from 1996.

Interview with Kevin Ellis, Managing Director at Horse Cove Partners

April 2017 | Eurekahedge

Kevin Ellis brings more than 30 years of financial, administrative and operations experience to the Firm. Previously, Mr. Ellis was the COO and principal of FISCO Appreciation Management LLC. He also served as a Founding Principal, Managing Director and COO at Labyrinth Group, LLC, an investment management firm utilising structured securities. Prior to that, he was Manager of Corporate Development at Arthur Anderson, LLP, where he focused on finance, mergers and acquisitions. Earlier in his career, he served as Vice President of Business Planning at SUPERVALU, Inc. Mr. Ellis is a graduate of Minnesota State University-Mankato BA Finance and earned a Juris Doctorate from William Mitchell College of Law and was admitted to the bar in Minnesota in 1983.

Interview with Maciej Wisniewski, Founder and Portfolio Manager at Macromoney

February 2017 | Eurekahedge

Maciej Wisniewski is the Founder and Fund Manager of Macromoney and has full oversight of all company operations. Maciej has 20 years of experience in investments management and in successfully setting up investment funds.

Interview with Mitchell Presnick, Director and Partner at Marco Polo Pure Asset Management Ltd

December 2016 | Eurekahedge

Mitchell Presnick is Director and Partner with Marco Polo Pure China Fund. Mr. Presnick holds an MBA (1999) from the Rutgers Graduate School of Business in Newark, New Jersey, a graduate diploma in Chinese language (1990) from Peking University in Beijing, and a BBA (1988) from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia. He is fluent and literate in Mandarin Chinese. Mitch is a prominent American business commentator in Asia and a permanent resident of Hong Kong. He brings over 28 continuous years on-site China business experience.

Interview with David Liebowitz, Managing Partner at Aroya Capital LP

November 2016 | Eurekahedge

David Liebowitz has been an investment professional for over 33 years. Prior to founding Aroya Capital LP, David served Bear Stearns in a number of capacities from 1983 to 2005. The common thread of his experience was his involvement in proprietary trading during his entire 22 years career at Bear – initially Risk Arbitrage and then Convertible Arbitrage for many years. Over the course of his career at Bear he managed as much as $4 billion of proprietary capital as well as $1.4 billion of client assets. In 1993 David was elected to the Board of Directors of The Bear Stearns Companies, Inc., serving as a director until 2001.

Interview with Charles Mautz, Managing Member & Chief Investment Officer at Chinus Asset Management

October 2016 | Eurekahedge

As founder and Managing Member, Charles Mautz leads CHAM’s strategy and activities. He also oversees all investment activities including research, allocation and manager selection. Charles developed the firm’s focus on investing with locally-based managers throughout Asia and travels there frequently to identify the next rising stars.

Interview with Ivan Popovic, Managing Director and Nicolas Mirjolet, Chief Investment Officer at Tolomeo Capital AG

September 2016 | Eurekahedge

Ivan Popovic is a founding partner of Tolomeo Capital and serves as the company’s Managing Partner. At Tolomeo Capital, Ivan oversees the day-to-day running of the business. Nicolas Mirjolet is a founding partner and the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Tolomeo Capital. In this function, he is responsible for portfolio management and the daily trading operations of Tolomeo’s investment products.

Interview with Mason Chau, Chief Investment Officer of OIL Assets International Limited

August 2016 | Eurekahedge

Mason Chau, Chief investment officer, BBA, Msc (E-commerce), CPA., FCCA, is the founder of OIL Assets International Limited. Prior to this, he has held senior position in BZW Asia Limited and HSBC Securities Limited. Mason also has extensive experience in direct investment and private equity.

Interview with Hyung-Kyu Choi, CEO & CIO of QUAD Capital Management

April 2016 | Eurekahedge

Hyung-Kyu Choi is the Managing Partner of Korean-based asset management firm QUAD Investment Management since January 2014. With 16 years of experience in investments, FX trading and credit analysis, Hyung-Kyu shares with us the fund's investment objective, along with his thoughts about the impact of smart watches on the industry, and display technology.

Interview with Christopher Peck, Partner & Portfolio Manager at Maiora Asian Structured Finance Fund

March 2016 | Eurekahedge

Christopher Peck has been in the industry with 16 years of experience in Japan and Singapore and currently focuses on resources and mezzanine debt at Maiora Asset Management.

Interview with Tom Lin, Founder & Portfolio Manager at MMA Pan Asia Fund Management LLC

December 2015 | Eurekahedge

Founder and Portfolio Manager Tom Lin has extensive experience in the Asian equity markets as an analyst, investor, and an investment banker. Prior to founding the firm, Mr. Lin managed and launched technology equity sales units for Merrill Lynch, Lehman Brothers, and Deutsche Bank, as well as held a sector analyst role at Anthion Capital. Mr. Lin lived and worked in both Taiwan and Hong Kong for a combined 20 years.

Interview with Alex Goh, CFA, Investment Manager of Oak Spring Alpha Fund

November 2015 | Eurekahedge

With 20 years of experience in wealth management, the CEO of Abacus Asia Management, Alex Goh discusses the fund's origins and strategy, as well as overcoming challenges faced in the Asian markets.

Interview With Dr. Leung Wing Cheong, CEO & CIO of InnoFusion Capital Management Ltd

September 2015 | Eurekahedge

Holding 25 years of experience in trading and equity derivatives business in Hong Kong and the United States, Dr. Leung Wing Cheong, CEO and CIO at InnoFusion Capital Management discusses China’s intention to internationalise the renminbi and factors behind the fund’s success in achieving over 16% of returns in 2008.

Interview with Christian Stauffer, CEO at EuroFin Asia Group

April 2015 | Eurekahedge

Founded in 2003, EuroFin Asia Group is an independent specialty finance house offering investment opportunities across the capital structure spectrum, with a focus on real economy businesses and is located in Singapore and Geneva. With 25 years experience in trade finance, structured finance and commodities trading, get a flavour of commodity trade finance with Christian Stauffer, CEO at Eurofin Asia Group on how the structural aspects of financial trading funds offer growing opportunities in the Asian banking ecosystem despites the regulations most recently brought by Basel III.