Operational / Risk Due Diligence Reports for
Hedge Funds

Comprehensive Expert Analysis

Eurekahedge, through its extensive global network of consultants and analysts, offers comprehensive operational / risk due diligence report services on hedge funds enabling institutions, fund of funds, advisors, endowments, foundations and family offices to evaluate whether asset managers meet operational best practice.

Consistent In-depth Ranking and Scoring

Utilising a proprietary analytical ranking and scoring system, our analysts generate in-depth reports that adhere to a strict and consistent reporting methodology. This allows straightforward qualitative and quantitative comparisons of multiple funds and ensures cohesiveness within the reports regardless of location of the fund, strategy or the consultant or analyst writing the report.

In-Depth Analytical Assessment

The operational due diligence report and risk due diligence report focuses on different factors and can be customised to your requirements whether as a standalone report, or integrated together for a comprehensive assessment of the manager, fund, control environment, investment strategy, process and risk management.



Employing a powerful set of diligence tools which can be applied to external funds, accounts and manager relationships in a portfolio to analyse investment strategy, process and risk management, the assessment provides:

  • Online Diligence Portal
  • Rapid global media scan and risk identification
  • Comprehensive operational diligence reference pack
  • "Trust but verify" fraud check
  • Background check (corporate entity and/or key executives)
  • Daily media monitoring
  • Annual data update, verifications and flags
  • Annual financial statement review and flags
  • Intra year data updates and flags
  • Manager communications monitoring and review
  • Comprehensive document review
  • Onsite manager diligence
  • Administrator diligence
  • Comprehensive cyber risk diligence data reference pack
  • Ongoing cyber monitoring with quarterly flags



Using a suite of products to review individual fund and full portfolio risk at a point in time and monitor changes in risk over time, the assessment provides:

  • Online Diligence Portal
  • Rapid analytical snapshot based on analytics
  • Quantitative Reference Pack & quarterly update
  • "Trust but verify" procedures
  • Profile of key risk indicators
  • Background check (corporate entity and/or individuals)
  • Monthly review of manager correspondence/performance reporting
  • Alerts across investment strategy, process, team and risk management
  • In-depth review of strategy, investment decision-making process and risk management
  • Assessment of representativeness of historic track record
  • Substantiation of holdings
  • Assessment and comprehensive report

"Went through the report and very happy with it. Based on the report, 
I am more aware of points to raise when meeting with funds" 
Melling Capital

 By partnering with us you profit from:

  • An experienced second opinion and independent view on operational investment risks
  • Access to state-of-the-art operational due diligence services and advisory expertise
  • A very attractive and affordable low cost outsourcing solution or co-sourcing
  • No project or key-people risks compared to an in-house solution
  • Reliability, scalability and flexibility of services
  • Full transparency on our findings, citing information sources


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