Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Database Features

At Eurekahedge we are constantly creating new features for hedge fund analysis. Enhance your investment management strategies with the latest hedge fund performance measurement tools that provide several points of view; enabling you to see the most complete picture of the hedge fund industry, no matter how specialised the portfolio.

"I have been using Eurekahedge for a few years now and have found it extremely helpful in providing the data that we require to compare our performance with our peers. I would recommend this database particularly for its good coverage." Joanne Battersby, Man Investments Ltd

Fund Update Alerts

Flag funds that you would like to track and set email notification alerts to be sent to you whenever the details of the fund is updated. This way you will never miss the latest movements in performance of hedge fund returns, assets under management, fees, or even style drift!

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Database Fund Update Alert

Saved Search

Simple – you perform a search, you like the results, save it for later without the worry of trying to recall what search parameters you entered.

Advanced Search

Eurekahedge's advanced search is simple! It allows you to search by every single data point and statistic we have for each fund. Efficient and user-friendly, the customisable output lets you generate specific results based on the databases’ over 100 search criteria that can be combined for a very powerful hedge fund screening tool.

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Database Advansed Search

Fund Comparison Tool

A great hedge fund comparison tool for the performance measurement of a fund's qualitative and quantitative analysis

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Database Fund Comparison Tool

Sharpe Ratio Time Plot

Over the years Eurekahedge has often identified Maddoff-esque funds that have later discovered to have been fraudulent by the financial media and their investors. On the flip side there are some truly outstanding managers with consistent absolute returns. By tracking all funds across our databases, one of the easiest ways to pick out these extraordinary managers is to plot funds’ Sharpe ratios over time. This is a great feature for quickly categorising funds by using the three fundamental metrics of performance returns, volatility and time.

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Database Sharpe Ratio Time Plot

Charting Tool

Great for comparing hedge fund benchmarks, Eurekahedge’s most powerful performance measurement tool allows users to chart and compare multiple funds and indices on the same graph. You can add as many funds and indices as you like, with fully adjustable time periods and a whole host of associated statistics over those time periods as output.

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Database Charting Tool

Travel Plans

Eurekahedge Travel Plans adds the personal element to investment management strategies. A display of upcoming business trips from hedge funds in the Eurekahedge database, investors are provided with the opportunity to meet fund managers from other regions face-to-face. The service can be adjusted to automatically email investors when fund managers are visiting their city.

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Database Travel Plans

Custom Lists

Some of the most common lists we have that you can access at a click of a button are your personal favourites, your recently viewed searches, your saved searches, obsolete funds and new listings in the database and hedge funds that have posted their latest performance returns. All designed to eliminate any repeat searching and screening to save you time.

Top 10 Tables

Straightforward but powerful, the top 10 tables analyse and rank the best funds by their latest returns, year–to-date returns, annualised returns, annualised standard deviation, Sharpe ratio, maximum drawdown, assets under management and the latest growth in assets for the previous month.

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Database Top Ten Tables


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