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The AIFMD Third Country Passport – An Update

September 2016 | Monica Gogna, Michelle Moran, Anand Damodaran, Matthew Judd and John Young, Ropes & Gray

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) published on 19 July 2016 its final advice to the European Commission (the Commission) on the extension of the marketing passport under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive (AIFMD) to 12 non-EEA countries, including the United States. This note is intended to highlight ESMA’s advice to the Commission and set out the steps firms would need to consider when applying for a third country passport.

Interview with Christian Stauffer, CEO at EuroFin Asia Group

April 2015 | Eurekahedge

Founded in 2003, EuroFin Asia Group is an independent specialty finance house offering investment opportunities across the capital structure spectrum, with a focus on real economy businesses and is located in Singapore and Geneva. With 25 years experience in trade finance, structured finance and commodities trading, get a flavour of commodity trade finance with Christian Stauffer, CEO at Eurofin Asia Group on how the structural aspects of financial trading funds offer growing opportunities in the Asian banking ecosystem despites the regulations most recently brought by Basel III.

Institutional Fund Distribution in Switzerland – Sweeping Changes Right Ahead

January 2015 | Dr. Matthäus Den Otter, Carnegie Fund Services

Switzerland has always been an attractive and relatively easily accessible market for the distribution of foreign funds. As at end-November 2014, the total volume of funds registered for sale to retail investors (including institutional share classes) amounted to more than CHF 850 billion. This is not the total market picture, however, as according to the Swiss National Bank, at the end of 2014 another approximately CHF 800 billion have been privately placed into securities accounts of Swiss and foreign private HNWI'’s and institutional clients held with banks in Switzerland.

Derivative Regulations for Swiss Pension Funds

April 2014 | Ansgar Schott, Froriep

The rules governing the asset management of Swiss pension funds, including the use of derivative instruments, are set out in the Federal Act on Occupational Benefit Plans and the Federal Ordinance on Occupational Benefit Plans. Further, the Federal Social Insurance Office, as the federal supervisory authority of pension funds, published professional recommendations for the use of derivative financial instruments (October 15 1996).

Private Family Funds: A Swiss Opportunity

November 2012 | Jean-Yves De Both, Schellenberg Wittmer

Over the last years, private family funds have developed significantly. Whereas offshore or Luxembourg funds may be considered as natural first choices, Swiss collective investment schemes offer specific opportunities. Families must ensure that they are in a position to meet the requirements of the Swiss regulatory framework and should analyse possible tax benefits.