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The Eurekahedge Global Islamic Fund Database is a global database of 918 live and obsolete Shariah compliant funds that provide their investors (usually Muslims) exposure to financial markets inside a framework that is deemed ethical under the principles of Islamic jurisprudence. Generally, these principles require that investors avoid interest (riba) and investments in businesses that provide goods or services going against the spirit of Islam. Islamic funds constitute a fast growing sector of the wider Islamic finance industry that is expected to grow past the US$2 trillion mark by the end of 2015.

918 islamic
116 data points
per fund
90% of NAVs updated
by end of month

Extensive Fund Coverage

The key contents of the Eurekahedge Global Islamic Fund Database are:

  • The average Islamic fund manages US$96 million in AUM – while roughly 12% of the funds oversee more than US$100 million in assets
  • Almost half of the Shariah compliant funds invest with a Middle East/Africa mandate, followed by 33% that invest in Asia Pacific and 26% that have a global mandate
  • 91% of the funds are structured as unit trusts/mutual funds while the remaining fall under either private equity or alternative/structured products
  • The majority of the funds are based in either the GCC countries or South-East Asia, with the next major hub being the United Kingdom in the West
  • The average minimum investment size for Islamic funds stands at US$1,087 million, compared with US$2,201 million for hedge funds

The audience for the Eurekahedge Global Islamic Fund Database are investors interested in Shariah compliant wealth management vehicles, as well as non-Muslim investors seeking access to socially responsible investment funds. The database has a number of high performing funds along with their complete manager profiles that can cater to the investment needs of institutional investors, sovereign wealth funds, pension funds, insurance companies and private investors seeking to diversify their holdings across the Islamic finance space. With performance and AUM data spanning over 20 years, the database provides comprehensive coverage across all geographies and asset classes for academic researchers as well.

1. As at 17 Jul 2024.
2. Live funds are those that are presumed to be actively trading.
3. We consider long only absolute returns funds as a subset of long short equity with a 'long bias'. They have an identical business structure to a long short funds but tend to charge slightly lower fees.
4. Please note we are referring to funds and not management companies. There are many more management companies that run more than US$1bn in alternative assets that do not have a single billion dollar fund.

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Comprehensive Data

Eurekahedge databases track over 91 qualitative and data points and 39 statistical measurements per fund, making it easier to analyse managers performances.

Timely Updates

Eurekahedge provides access to the latest information you need for your investment decisions. 94% of all NAVs are updates by month-end.

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