Hedge Fund Databases

Eurekahedge's hedge fund databases are our flagship products. They feature extensive fund coverage of North America, South America, Asia Pacific, Europe and the Middle East and Africa.

22,488 alternative
130 data points
per fund
90% of NAVs updated
by end of month

Extensive Fund Coverage

Eurekahedge offers the largest set of hedge funds databases in the world, covering over 22,488 funds globally. To learn more, select any of the database categories below.

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graph representing the period where hedge funds report their performance

Comprehensive Data

Eurekahedge databases track over 91 qualitative
and data points and 39 statistical measurements
per fund, making it easier to analyse managers

Timely Updates

Eurekahedge provides access to the latest information you need for your investment decisions. 94% of all NAVs are updates by month-end.

table representing hedge fund monthly returns available in Eurekahedge hedge fund databases