Hedge fund travel schedules

Travel Plans

Travel Plans is a new feature on the Eurekahedge website, which allows you to enter your travel schedule onto your fund's profile page within the Eurekahedge database. This allows our investor subscribers to see which funds are coming to their cities on which dates.

At Eurekahedge, we know that asset raising can be a challenging task in the alternative funds industry, and we feel that this tool will prove to help fund managers in increasing the number of investor meetings they have while on the road.

Thus far we have enabled some very successful meetings between our investor subscribers and hedge fund contributors - and so we are actively encouraging all hedge fund managers to update their travel schedules on a monthly basis.

And to help managers gain better exposure, we will soon be adding a service that will automatically email investors when hedge funds travel to their city.

How to update?

Please send an email to travelplans@eurekahedge.com with the following:

* Name of Traveler
* Travel Dates and Cities
* Indicate if confirmed or provisional


  • Fund Manager: James Smith
  • City: Hong Kong
  • Arrive: 15 Nov 2014
  • Depart: 20 Nov 2014
  • Status: Confirmed
  • Fund Manager: Joe Bloggs
  • City: Zurich
  • Arrive: 10 Dec 2014
  • Depart: 16 Dec 2014
  • Status: Provisional