The Launch of the Global Private Equity Real Estate Fund Database and Directory

Eurekahedge announces the launch of a specialised private equity database: the Eurekahedge Global Private Equity Real Estate Fund Database and Directory. This product comprehensively covers 350 specialist real estate funds and will continue to grow with this fast developing part of the private equity industry.

Kate Colchester, Director of Marketing with Eurekahedge, says, “There has been a huge growth in interest in global real estate investment vehicles. Over 70% of the REITs available in the world today have grown out of private equity real estate funds. This specialised private equity universe represents a nursery for investments that over the next 5-10 years will represent a well performing and highly investible universe. Eurekahedge is about bringing the diversity of investments available to multiple investor classes. Every database we produce brings us closer to our aim of being a globally comprehensive, multi-investment class provider.

Information on individual funds in the database and directory includes detailed information on background of fund managers, investment strategy, geographical focus, vintage year, type of financing, underlying investments, net IRR and much more.

For further information, please contact:

Alexander Mearns
Managing Director
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Agnes Yea
Head of Corporate Communications
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