The Eurekahedge Report – March 2012

The Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index gained 2.05%1 in February, bringing its year to date returns to 4.30%. The industry is enjoying its strongest start to a year in 12 years as all regional and strategic mandates have reported net gains for two consecutive months. Meanwhile, the asset weighted Mizuho-Eurekahedge Index was up 1.80% and 1.77% in February and January respectively. Managers attracted US$320 million of inflows during the month while performance added US$11.17 billion to total assets under management. Overall assets increased by US$11.49 billion to US$1.75 trillion boosted by rallying underlying capital markets and higher risk appetite.

Highlights of hedge fund performance and asset flows for the month are as follows:

February 2012 US$ billion
Allocation (Inflows) 3.26
Redemption (Outflows) -2.93
Net Asset Flows 0.32
Positive Performance (Growth) 13.15
Negative Performance (Decline) -1.98
Total 11.17
Overall Total 11.49

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1 Based on 71.85% of funds which have reported February 2012 returns as at 19 March 2012

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