Hat on Sideways, Gold in Your Mouth

This SOPA is specific to commodity investing dominated by an environment of global public policy extremism and nationalism. This environment appears in the form of wild liquidity variables, extreme levels of public debt, new infrastructure spending, competitive currency devaluation and increased regulation. Commodities must be viewed as an important piece of the global policy chess game that will separate the economic winners from the losers. This puts us in the price of power phase. It is the last of the phases of the commodity super cycle and it can last a decade.

The coming “teeny” decade to follow is a commodity decade marked by rising prices in real terms and in every currency. Prices will rise above their long-term averages and create a global policy response. This will include nationalist solutions to reduce dependence on other governments. Commodities become extremely volatile in this phase. Everyone should care because commodities will dominate the investment stage while many other investments lose value in real terms.

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