Eurekahedge Maintains the World’s Largest Suite of Hedge Fund Indices

The suite of 150 hedge fund indices is available at and on Bloomberg at HDGE. Key tools include a graphing function, fully downloadable performance history, benchmarking against equity indices, and downloadable risk and return statistics.

Reasons for the launch of so many indices have been driven by demand from our single and multi-manager clients looking to benchmark against a relevant index that more closely mirrors their regional and strategic mandates, and also demand by investors to ensure their managers are outperforming a "bucket" of their peers.

Also we felt that while the hedge fund industry is technically an absolute return industry, the demand for relative evaluation is strong and currently available hedge fund indices, though useful in providing a rough overview of the performance of the hedge fund universe, were not accurately reflecting the aggregated performance of each identifiable geographical and strategic hedge fund theatre and, therefore, were not appropriate for individual managers to use as a relative benchmark in presentations and monthly reports.

This service is free and no registration is required. Please visit for more details and we welcome all feedback and suggestions.