MAXAM Capital and Eurekahedge to Launch Three Investable Hedge Fund Indices

MAXAM Capital Management LLC, the US investment advisor recently launched by hedge fund pioneer Sandra Manzke and Singapore-based Eurekahedge, the independent hedge fund research firm, are proud to announce the upcoming launch of three investable hedge fund indices1 – MaxEurekahedge Asia, MaxEurekahedge Japan and MaxEurekahedge Global Emerging Markets. These investable index products are the first exclusively regional indices to be offered alongside the current spectrum of global investable hedge fund indices in the marketplace today. Each investable index will focus on regional hedge fund talent in Asia, Japan and the Emerging Markets and will offer investors comprehensive exposure to a broad range of top hedge fund managers in each territory.

The MaxEurekahedge Asia Index is a pan Asian product which will include Japan, Australia and New Zealand while the MaxEurekahedge Japan Index will offer access to managers exclusively with Japan mandates. The MaxEurekahedge Global Emerging Markets Index will include Emerging Asia, Emerging Americas, Eastern Europe, Russia, The Middle East and Africa.

Sandra Manzke, founder and CEO of MAXAM said, "These are exciting products, for exciting regions. We are finding more exceptional managers and unique investment opportunities in these areas. We believe Eurekahedge has the most selective and extensive database to enable us to target the most exceptional talent for these regions."

Richard Armstrong, co-founder and partner at Eurekahedge added, "We are very pleased to be working with Sandra and MAXAM on the suite of index products which will address current investor demand for these regions. These products will also provide a unique opportunity for investors to have direct exposure to the largest and most performance-driven managers in each region."

Manager selection for these investable indices will be based on AUM level and will target the largest hedge funds for each index. Underlying funds will require a 1-year audited track record. Both risk management and due diligence will be carried out by MAXAM.

The three MaxEurekahedge Investable Indices are expected to launch on 1 January 2006.

MAXAM Capital Management LLC was launched in April 2005 by Sandra Manzke, who has worked in the hedge fund industry since 1984. Ms Manzke is a pioneer in consulting to pension funds and in the creation of successful fund of funds through the identification of talented advisors. MAXAM currently has US$1.3 billion of committed assets under management. Prior to launching MAXAM, Ms Manzke was Chairman and co-CEO of Tremont Capital Management, a company she founded in 1984. MAXAM is a registered investment advisor with the SEC.

Eurekahedge is the world's largest independent hedge fund research firm with offices in London, New York, Hong Kong and Singapore. Eurekahedge was founded by Richard Armstrong and Niall Shiner in 2001 and is considered the leading independent authority on the global hedge fund universe. To date, Eurekahedge maintains research data banks on more than 9,500 alternative funds globally and disseminates data on 7,500 funds covering US$800 billion in assets.

For further information, please contact:

Sandra Manzke
MAXAM Capital
+1 203 851 3510


Rosemary Gilchrist
MAXAM Capital
+1 203 851 3505


1 These MaxEurekahedge Index products are only available to non-us investors, they are not available to us investors.