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Press Release: AIMA Japan and Eurekahedge reveal 2015 survey results regarding Japanese investor insights in hedge funds and alternatives

JUNE 10, 2015

AIMA Japan and Eurekahedge reveal 2015 survey results regarding Japanese investor insights in hedge funds and alternatives

In April and May 2015, Eurekahedge in collaboration with AIMA, conducted a survey of Japanese investors to gauge important insights into market sentiment, investment trends and key regulatory changes facing the Asian asset management industry, with a particular emphasis on the outlook for Japan. 88 investors contributed their insights, with 52% hailing from asset management companies, 21% from hedge funds and fund of hedge funds, 15% from banks, with the remainder from insurance companies and pension funds.

Notable results from the survey showed that:

  • 72% of investors considered Abenomics a success in 2013 and 2014.
  • However, almost 90% believe that the Bank of Japan (BoJ) will fail to reach its inflation target of 2% by end-2015. 60% expect the BoJ will be forced to conduct an additional round of quantitative easing (QE).
  • In terms of regional allocation within alternative assets, Europe stood out as the top regional mandate among our respondents.
  • Better performance was listed as the main factor by 50% of investors in order for them to increase their allocations to hedge funds and alternatives.
  • In terms of key factors driving the Japanese economy for 2015 and beyond, almost 70% ranked structural reforms such as 'labour market reforms vis a vis immigration liberalisation' and 'increased female participation', along with 'higher union wages' as the most important factors.

A brief summary of the results of this survey is available in a slide presentation on the Eurekahedge Dashboard for AIMA's and Eurekahedge's subscribers and the survey participants only. For a full report of the results and analysis, please contact


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