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Bridging the Gap Between Academic Research and Applied Finance – the ICMA Centre and Eurekahedge Partnership

The ICMA Centre from the University of Reading, UK and Eurekahedge are pleased to announce a joint initiative to develop working papers on the hedge fund industry. The motivating factor for this partnership is the combined desire to encourage an appropriate risk management approach to alternative investments while bridging the gap between academic research and applied finance.

Research at the ICMA Centre focuses on quantitative finance, market microstructure, fund management, risk management and regulation; hence papers will focus on topics ranging from statistical analysis to portfolio construction of fund of funds. Highlights of the best research will be included in the Eurekahedge and ICMA Centre websites.

University of Reading ICMA Centre

The ICMA Centre was formed in 1991 through a unique relationship between the International Securities Markets Association (ISMA) and the University of Reading to develop research and teaching focused on securities markets, their products and operation. The Centre now offers five degrees, a flourishing PhD programme and a highly rated research base. The success of the Centre has recently been recognised by ICMA, which agreed to another major donation to expand the ICMA Centre's building. Following this donation, ICMA's contribution to the Centre will total over £10 million, making it the largest single corporate donor to any European business school. The International Capital Markets Association (ICMA) was formed in July 2005 by the merger between ISMA and IPMA.


Eurekahedge is a leading alternative investment consultancy company focusing on research, publications and capital introduction. It was founded in 2001 and currently employs 60 people in Singapore, Hong Kong, London and New York. With a database of over 7500 hedge funds and over 150 hedge fund indices, Eurekahedge is one of the most widely used and quoted alternative research houses worldwide.

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