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  • Eurekahedge: Artificial intelligence hedge funds outperform average global hedge fund
    Data provider Eurekahedge has looked at the performance of artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning hedge...
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  • Eurekahedge: Hedge Fund Index Gains +0.99% In February On Equity Market Strength
    Hedge funds benefitted from strong performance in U.S. equities in February and encouraging economic data in t...
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  • Hedge Funds Up 1% With Strong Returns From The US
    Hedge funds gained 0.99% during the month of February. Meanwhile underlying markets as represented by the MSCI...
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  • Here's how global hedge funds fared in February
    Hedge funds gained 0.99 per cent during the month of February. Meanwhile underlying markets as represented by ...
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  • Hedge funds up 0.99 per cent in February with strong performance from the US
    Hedge funds gained 0.99 per cent in February with underlying markets, as represented by the MSCI AC World Inde...
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  • ILS funds start year with 0.36% average return in January 2017
    The average return across a group of 34 insurance-linked securities (ILS), pure catastrophe bond and reinsuran...
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  • Growing pains: Asian hedge funds
    Despite volatile returns over the last 12 months most observers expect Asian hedge funds to perform well and a...
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  • Hedge Fund Performance – The ‘Sharpe Clarity’
    Hedge fund returns are often misunderstood outside the industry – and the concept of risk-adjusted returns sel...
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  • This Struggling Hedge Fund Hopes Trump Will Revive Its Fortunes
    Toshihiro Hirao, whose Japan hedge fund posted its biggest decline ever last year, sees relief ahead as he exp...
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  • Goldman Sacked: How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Wall Street
    For the past year, we as a society have been worried sick about artificial intelligence eating the jobs of 3 m...
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