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Latest News
  • Hedge Fund Startups Plummet in Asia Amid Low Returns, High Fees
    Asia hedge funds are opening at the slowest pace since the turn of the century.
    Just 27 new funds started tra...
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  • Hedge Fund Turns Kyoto Temple Into AI Lab to Incubate Managers
    Japan’s top-performing quantitative hedge fund is setting up an artificial intelligence research facility in K...
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  • Chinese hedge funds recover from early losses
    China-focused hedge funds, particularly the largest, are enjoying good returns as the recovery in the stock ma...
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  • Hedge Fund Investors Want More Fee Flexibility
    Hedge fund investors – According to the September Goldman Sachs Prime Services Capital Introduction Hedge Fund...
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  • Hedge funds up 0.5 per cent in September
    Hedge funds were up 0.5 per cent during September, outperforming underlying markets as represented by the MSCI...
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  • Singapore’s Hedge Fund Assets Rise at Slowest in Three Years
    Singapore’s hedge fund assets grew at the slowest pace in three years in 2015 as returns shrank and investors ...
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  • Hedge funds cut fees to attract investors
    Hedge funds across the globe are cutting their management fees as they struggle to attract investors in the fa...
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  • Global hedge funds slicing fees to draw investors
    From Asia to Australia, to Europe and across the Pacific in the U.S., hedge funds across the globe are reducin...
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  • Hurrah! Hedge fund fees are falling!
    I've got some good news for you - but perhaps not for the reason you'd first think...Here it is: hedge funds a...
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  • Eurekahedge on outflows, performance, tail risk
    Eurekahedge, a provider of hedge fund industry news since 2001, has released its report about the state of the...
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