Risk Shell
powered by Eurekahedge

Risk Shell is a cloud-based risk management and portfolio construction software for hedge funds and multi-asset investment portfolios, designed by ABC Quant and powered by Eurekahedge.

Compatible with all in-house databases, this all-in-one analytical platform delivers sophisticated risk and portfolio management solutions to a broad category of hedge fund investors - from family offices to investment banks.

Risk Management Software:
Benefits and Features

Covering all stages of a sophisticated investment process with the strong focus on alternative investments, Risk Shell is the platform of choice for both Returns- and Holdings-Based risk analysis, building market-neutral portfolios, running performance attribution analysis, ranking assets and many more.

All-in-One Solution

  • Front, Middle and Back Office components
  • Manager research, risk assessment, portfolio construction, reporting and accounting
  • Flexible on-demand platform configuration

Extensive Hedge Fund Data Coverage

  • Over 400,000 instruments including hedge funds, traditional OEF/CEF/AFS, ETF and global equities
  • Seamless integration with custom in-house databases
  • Both Returns- and Holdings-based analytics with unlimited data points for holdings snapshots

Risk Management Advanced Workflow and Implementation

As a platform of choice, Risk Shell offers a high degree of extensibility, flexibility and strong cost effective solutions, making it unbeatable on the market:

  • Team collaboration tools, advanced sharing options for investment portfolios and custom assets
  • Instant implementation - setting a customer account takes a few minutes
  • Highest reliability with daily backups of customer data and multiple redundant servers world-wide
  • Unlimited custom development on-demand, new features added every month based on investor requests


  • Fund Screening
  • Stress Testing
  • Macroeconomic Scenario Screening
  • Performance Attribution
  • Wallets (Data Integration)
  • Report Generator
  • Shadow Accounting
  • Portfolio Optimisation
  • Portfolio 'What-If'
  • Portfolio Management
  • Liquidity & Exposure Analysis
  • Side-by-Side Analysis
  • Returns and Holding-based Analysis
  • Peer Group Analysis
  • Quantitative Snapshot
  • FlexiRank™ (Asset Rating)
  • Custom Assets
  • Benchmark & Proxy Builder

Simple and Sophisticated Hedge Fund Analytics

Advanced Models

It is a well-known fact that common investment frameworks based on the mean-variance methodology fail when it comes to hedge funds. That is why the Risk Shell analytics incorporates the latest alternative concepts:

  • VaR-based statistics
  • Analysis of distribution of returns
  • High moment risk statistics
  • Multivariate regression style analysis
  • Advanced stress testing scenarios

Intuitive and Easy to Use

Designed by former fund managers for fund managers, Risk Shell offers a high degree of interactivity and extremely easy to use. It takes just a few training sessions to start using the system.