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Interview with Manuel Anguita, CFA, Co-Founder of Silver 8

Interview with Manuel Anguita, CFA, Co-Founder of Silver 8

Manuel Anguita is the co-founder of Silver 8, a US-based fund focused on financial technology. Silver 8 was the ranked in the Top 1% of hedge funds globally based on AY 2017 returns and in the Top 15 hedge funds based on annualised returns since inception (Eurekahedge). Silver 8 is one of the pioneer institutional investors in blockchain technology and digital assets.

Manuel has a 20 year career in investment management. He initially worked for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, before moving into hedge fund management; Manuel worked for multi-billion dollar funds (Vega, Proxima) primarily in global macro and structured credit. MA co-founded Silver 8 in 2015, to capitalise on the impact of technology on trade, commerce and finance.

Manuel received an MBA as a Fulbright Scholar from the Stanford Graduate School of Business in 1998 and an M.S. in Engineering (Honors) from the Madrid Polytechnic University in 1992. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). View Fund Profile

On the decision to launch a Technology Fund focused on crypto assets
04:11 The current and prospective investor profile of Silver8
05:49 Silver 8’s unique investment strategy
12:15 Value proposition for investing in crypto currencies and assets
17:30 Conducting valuations on crypto-currencies
25:53 Silver 8’s experience trading bitcoin in the bull run of 2017
31:31 Managing downside risk in the bearish start to 2018 for crypto-assets
39:22 The appeal of crypto-currency hedge funds for institutional investors
46:54 Challenges in the ICO market
53:10 The long-term outlook for the crypto-currency industry