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October 2005 Hedge Fund Performance Commentary
Rajeev Baddepudi, Eurekahedge
Interview with Partners of Arcus Investment Ltd
Sopa Piranha – Near to the Madding Crowd
Mari Kooi, Wolf International
Challenges in Commodities Risk Management
Hilary Till and Joseph Eagleeye, Premia Capital Management LLC
Key Trends in European Hedge Funds
Rajeev Baddepudi, Eurekahedge
Marketing to the West – Lives Made Easier
Shareholder Returns A Secular Trend in the Japanese Stock Market: A Long/Short Perspective
Jens Muenster, Trident Pacific Capital
The AUM Challenge for Hedge Funds in Singapore
Justin Ong and Ivan Perfiliev, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Singapore
The New FSA Regime on the Use of Dealing Commission (Ps05/9)
Interview with Alan Tooker, Managing Director of A.R.C. Directors Ltd
MAXAM Capital and Eurekahedge to Launch Three Investable Hedge Fund Indices



September 2005 Hedge Fund Performance Commentary
Rajeev Baddepudi, Eurekahedge
Interview with Gregory Smith, CIO of Global Commodities Ltd
Key Trends in Long-only Absolute Return Funds
Interview with Willy Ballmann and Dr Tan Lien Seng, Portfolio Managers of SHK Quant Asia Fund
Tapping into Currency Alpha
Pierre Lequeux, ABN AMRO Asset Management Ltd
The Global Dream: The Use of Master-Feeder Fund Structures by Asian-based Hedge Fund Managers
Effie Vasilopoulos and Katherine Abrat, Sidley Austin Brown & Wood (Hong Kong)
Hedge Funds vs Private Equity Firms in the Alternative Investment Community
Jayesh Punater, Gravitas Technology
Hedge Funds – Some Issues for Pension Fund Investors
Andrew Smithers, Smithers & Co
Moments Analysis in Risk and Performance Measurement
David K.C. Lee, Kok Fai Phoon and Choon Yuan Wong
Bridging the Gap Between Academic Research and Applied Finance – the ICMA Centre and Eurekahedge Partnership




August 2005 Hedge Fund Performance Commentary
Rajeev Baddepudi, Eurekahedge
Interview with Luciano Correa, Director of Orbix Global Partners
The Hedge Fund Life Cycle Concept – Those Feisty Adolescents Still Run Fastest
John E. Dunn, III, Infiniti Capital
Interview with Kent McCarthy, Senior Portfolio Manager of Jayhawk China Fund (Cayman) Ltd
Current Trends in the Japanese Hedge Fund Industry
Peter Douglas, GFIA pte ltd
Interview with Edward Cartwright of KGR Capital
A Joint Venture to Seed Asian Hedge Funds
Key Trends in Latin American Hedge Funds
Quantitative Investing
Willy Ballmann, Dr Tan Lien Seng, SHK Fund Management Ltd
Key Trends in Asian Hedge Funds
What Are Hedge Fund Index Equilibrium Returns?
Laurent Favre, AlternativeSoft AG
2005 Alternative Investment Survey
Deutsche Bank



July 2005 Hedge Fund Performance Commentary
Shashi K. Agarwala, Eurekahedge
Interview with Robert G. Moses, Portfolio Manager and General Partner of RGM Capital
Funds of Hedge Funds: Strategy Outlook Going Into 2006 and Innovations in Pricing Structures
Gary Vaughan-Smith, ABN AMRO Asset Management
Effects of RMB Revaluation
Setting up an Asian Fund Manager – Singapore or Hong Kong?
Nigel Poh, Eurekahedge
CECA and Its Applicability to Hedge Funds
Leena Pinsler, Rajah & Tann
Spanish Hedge Funds - Close to a Reality
Jesus Mardomingo, Jorge Canta
The Taiwan Dimension of HKEX’s Markets
Research & Planning Department, Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd
Risk Measurement of Investments in the Satellite Ring of a Core-Satellite Portfolio: Traditional versus Alternative Approaches
Hilary Till, Premia Risk Consultancy



June 2005 Hedge Fund Performance Commentary
Interview with Hakon Halvorsen, Investment Manager of the Sector Enhanced Relative Value Fund
Eurekahedge Maintains the World’s Largest Suite of Hedge Fund Indices

Latin America Wakes Up to the Equity Culture
Enio Shinohara, GFIA Pte Ltd
Interview with Albert Landman, Manager of AGS Select Long Short Fund
Real Estate: Its Place in the Hedge Fund Universe
Alexander Kinmont, Prospect Asset Management
Interview with Frank Brochin, General Partner, StoneWater Capital
Private Equity in Asia-Pacific
Revenue (Profits Tax Exemption for Offshore Funds) Bill
Guidance Note on the EU Savings Directive
The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA) released on 15 July an updated version of its Guidance on the EU Savings Tax Directive, which took effect from 1 July. The updated Guidance includes clarification of the position between the UK and Gibraltar, following an announcement made by Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK.

The Guidance, which is available to all AIMA member companies, includes an overview of the Directive, the implications for hedge funds and the interpretation of ‘Paying Agent’. The Guidance is the latest in a series of regulatory and tax updates provided by AIMA to its members around the world.

Please contact AIMA for details.


JULY 2005

Eurekahedge Launches 250 Hedge Fund Indices
May Performance Analysis
Shashi Agarwala, Eurekahedge
Interview with David Gong, CFO at PRECISE Asia Pacific Fund
Vincent A. van Antwerpen, Janwillem P. Engel, Harry M. Kat, Theo P. Kocken
From Delivering to the Packaging of Alpha
DNoŽl Amenc, Philippe Malaise and Lionel Martellini, Edhec Risk and Asset Management Research Centre
Managing Conflicts in Financial Services - Australian Fund Market
John Moutsopoulos, Clayton Utz
The Realities of Due Diligence on Established Managers
Dr John S. Wisnioski, Gan Consulting Pte Ltd
New Business Models for New Asset Allocations?
Brendan Walshe, PwC
Does Location Matter?
Shashi Agarwala, Eurekahedge
The Asian Masters of Hedge Awards 2005



JUNE 2005

The Asian Masters of Hedge Awards 2005
Pricing Traditional vs Alternative Asset Management Services
Francois-Serge Lhabitant, Head, Investment Research, Kedge Capital; Professor of Finance, H.E.C. University of Lausanne; and Professor of Finance, EDHEC Business School
Why Investors Should Hold Long- Dated Bonds, Even When Interest Rates Are Low
Vincent A. van Antwerpen, Janwillem P. Engel, Harry M. Kat, Theo P. Kocken
Convergence in Action
David Goldstein, White & Case
The Japanese Dimension of HKEx’s Markets
Research & Planning Department, Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Ltd
Hedge Funds in Latin America
Martin A. Litwak, Walker Smiths


MAY 2005

The Asian Masters of Hedge Awards 2005
Interview with Veronika Hirsch, Fund Manager at BluMont Capital
The Hidden Cost of the Stoploss
Robert Macrae, Arcus Investment
Integrating Hedge Funds into the Traditional Portfolio
Harry M. Kat, Professor of Risk Management, Cass Business School, City University, London
Convertible Bond Arbitrage: Evidence on Risk and Return
Mark Hutchinson, University College Cork and Liam Gallagher, Dublin City University Business School
Geared, Levered, Piston Broke
Simon Ogus, DSGAsia
Development of Islamic Funds in Malaysia
Mohammad Faiz Azmi, PwC


APRIL 2005

The Asian Masters of Hedge Awards 2005
Interview with Frank Holle, Co-founder of Quant Asset Management
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hedge Funds
David Aldrich and Marina Lewin, The Bank of New York
Interview with Steve Weiler, Portfolio Manager at Falcon Pacific Capital Management
The Case for Levered Fund of Hedge Funds
Pergament Advisors, LLC
Overview of the Indian Investment Management Industry
Partha Ghosh, PwC
"We Have to Do What?!" and Other Questions Non-US Hedge Fund Managers Are Asking Themselves After the SEC Requires Advisers' Registration
David Goldstein, White & Case
The Continuing Case for Emerging Markets, Revisited
Everest Capital


MARCH 2005

Key Trends in Asian Hedge Funds
Survey of Asian Hedge Fund Compliance and Investor Practices
The Asian Masters of Hedge Awards 2005
Interview with Yashwant Bajaj at Hachiman Japan Fund
The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Hedge Funds
David Aldrich and Marina Lewin, The Bank of New York
The Myth of Short Side Alpha in Equity Long/Short Strategies
Gregory Frith, FBS Management Inc
Survey: Hedge Funds Address Risk Management - But Not Uniformly
Greg Eckert and Eric Gronningsate, PwC
Funds of Hedge Funds Reporting Survey
NoŽl Amenc, Philippe Malaise and Mathieu Vaissiť, Edhec



Asian Hedge Funds: December Performance, 2004 Overview and 2005 Outlook
Fiona Voon,Eurekahedge

The Asian Masters of Hedge Awards 2005

A Tool to Construct an Optimal Fund of Funds
Laurent Favre, Founder, AlternativeSoft AG

A Consultation Period on FSTB's Second Paper on the Proposed Exemption of Offshore Funds from Hong Kong Profits Tax ends
Florence Yip, Partner, Tax Services, Investment Management Industry Group, PwC, Hong Kong

Interview with James Hay, principal of Pangolin Investment Management

Derivatives Market Transaction Survey 2003/04
Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, Research & Planning

Interview with Thomas A. Wright, Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Affairs of Emory Partners

The Board's Role In Hedge Fund Valuations
Olwyn Alexander, PwC

Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Indices Methodology




Asian Hedge Fund Performance – 3-month Analysis and Outlook


Interview with Philip Mathews, Founder and Managing Director of Mathews Capital

Interview with Marc H.Malek, Managing Partner at conquest capital

In Praise of Hedge Fund Volatility
Byron R. Wien, Equity Research, Morgan Stanley

The Real Liquidity Risks in Alternative Investments
Luca Celati, Co-founder of Abraxas Capital Management

Key Trends in Absolute Return Funds for November

Hedge Funds: Risk and Return
Burton G. Malkiel, Princeton University and Atanu Saha, Analysis Group

The Dangers of Mechanical Investment Decision-Making: The Case of Hedge Funds
Harry M. Kat, Professor of Risk Management and Director Alternative Investment Research Centre, Cass Business School, City University


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