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Marketing Hedge Funds in Europe

Interview with Peter Douglas of Investor Select Advisors
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

Convertible Bond Arbitrage - update
Mike Roth, a founding partner of Stark Investments

Interview with Wong Kok Hoi of APS Asset Management
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

EN Benten Japan Fund L.P. to Launch in January 2003
EN Benten

Performance Evaluation and Conditioning Information
Harry M. Kat & JoŽlle Miffre, The University of Reading

The Myth of Hedge Funds
Alexander M. Ineichen, UBS Warburg


Broking Effectively to Hedge Funds
John Hetherington, Eurekahedge

Hong Kong - Hedge Funds for the Retail Market

Hong Kong - Taxation of Hedge Funds
Ray Heath, SCMP

Recent Trends in Offshore Hedge Fund Due Diligence Practice - More Diligent Due Diligence
James Shipton, Director of Advisory Services, EurekaHedge

Statistical Properties of Hedge Fund Returns
Harry M. Kat & Sa Lu, The University of Reading

The Alpha in Fund of Hedge Funds
Alexander M. Ineichen, UBS WarburgM


The Hedge Fund Industry in Japan
Ferenc A. Sanderson, Sanderson Consulting

Cost/Benefit of Investing in Funds of Funds
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

Trends in the Fund of Funds Market in Asia
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

Latest Trends in Asian Hedge Funds
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

Australia: Legal Issues relating to Superannuation Trustees
Tessa Hoser & Katherine Henzell, Blake Dawson Waldron

Interview with Steven Diggle of Artradis Barracuda Fund
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

Persistence in Hedge Fund Performance: The True Value of a Track Record
Harry M. Kat & Faye Menexe, The University of Reading

Hedge Funds: Their Contribution to Securities Markets (Update)
Matthew Harrison, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing

Hedge Funds: Bubble or New Paradigm?
Alexander M. Ineichen, UBS Warburg


US Patriot Act - offshore hedge funds affected
James Shipton, Eurekahedge

Convertible Bond Arbitrage
Niall Shiner, Eurekahedge

The Retail Market for Hedge Funds in Asia
Stewart Aldcroft

Portfolios of Hedge Funds - What Investors Really Invest in
Gaurav S. Amin & Harry M. Kat, The University of Reading

Interview with David Lee, Fund Manager of Ferrell Asia Fund
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

Interview with Woon Lim, Fund Manager of Bali Pacific Fund
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

Who's Long? - Market-Neutral Versus Long-Short Equity
Alexander M. Ineichen, UBS Warburg

JULY 2002

Retail Hedge Fund Regulation Update
Ray Heath

Short Selling - The Myth and the Madness
Ray Heath

Proliferation of Hedge Fund Indices
Angela Pasceri

Hedge Funds - Their Contribution to Securities Markets
Matthew Harrison, SVP, Research & Policy - Corporate Strategy, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd

Do the 'Money Machines' Really Add Value?
Gaurav S. Amin , Harry M. Kat

Interview with David Webb, Fund Manager of Hidaro Fund
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

JUNE 2002

Asian Hedge Funds - First Half Yearly Report
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

NAVs - How Much Can You Trust Them?
Ray Heath

Interview with Zaheer Abbas Sitabkhan, Fund Manager of LG Asian Plus Fund
Matt Schmidt, Eurekahedge

MAY 2002

US$20bn and 250 Asian Hedge Funds Likely By Year End
Richard Armstrong, Eurekahedge

What is a Fund of Funds Worth?
Niall Shiner, Eurekahedge

APRIL 2002

Hedge Fund Location - it matters
John Hetherington, Eurekahedge

Selling Hedge Funds to the General Public - Australia is Ahead of the Pack
John Hetherington, Eurekahedge

MARCH 2002

The View from Berkeley Square - Asia's Back on the Radar Screen
Niall Shiner, Eurekahedge

Long-Only Houses Are Developing a Taste For Asian Hedge Funds
Niall Shiner, Eurekahedge

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