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Eurekahedge is the world's largest alternative investment funds research house, specialising in hedge fund databases. An independent consultancy and advisory body in the Asian, European, North American and Latin American hedge fund markets for more than a decade, Eurekahedge has over 30332* funds across its databases across all strategies and asset classes and is the worldwide leader in alternative investment information.

Eurekahedge offers the most complete and precise alternative asset funds databases, with indices updated by an average of 96% by month-end. The Eurekahedge databases track over 220 data points - more than any competitor - making it easier to analyse managers’ performances.

Eurekahedge’s strengths lie with an expert research team that constantly adapting to industry change and needs, allowing Eurekahedge to develop and offer a wide array of products and services.

Proving itself a pioneer, Eurekahedge opened its Asian HQ in Singapore before the rise of meteoric rise of Asian economies in the late 2000s - at a time when even hedge funds were still hesitant to re-locate to emerging markets. Eurekahedge is also stationed in New York, creating a bridge between the most established alternative asset market with the fastest growing.

Aside from delivering market-leading hedge fund analysis and the most accurate hedge fund information on the market which is carefully tailored to investors' needs, Eurekahedge covers a number of other business functions which include hedge fund publications, start-up services, due diligence services and investor services.

For more details, we invite you to have a look through Eurekahedge’s range of products. To request for a free trial in order to have access to the databases that interest you - and for a demonstration of its uses - kindly contact our team by calling one of the telephone numbers below or using our online registration form to register your interest.

Singapore: +65 6212 0925
United States: +1 646 380 1932


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