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The Eurekahedge Global Hedge Fund Database is Eurekahedge’s flagship database of 20,683 live hedge funds. It includes all other regional and specialised single manager fund databases including North America (NAHF), Asia (AHF), Europe (EHF), Emerging Markets (EMHF), Frontier Markets (FMHF), Latin America (LAHF), Undertaking for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS), Insurance-Linked Securities (ILS), Commodity Trading Advisors and Managed Futures (CTA), Long Only Absolute Return Funds (LOARF) and Obsolete Funds (OHF).

20,683 alternative
130 data points
per fund
90% of NAVs updated
by end of month

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Extensive Fund Coverage

The key contents of the Eurekahedge Global Hedge Fund Database are:

  • 10,282 North American funds, 3,664 Asian funds, 10,147 European funds, 827 Latin American funds and 3,633 emerging market funds
  • 4,545 UCITS hedge funds, 2,506 commodity trading advisors, 1,936 long only absolute returns funds and 190 insurance-linked securities hedge funds
  • There are over 1,039 funds managing greater than US$1 billion and 291 management companies managing more than US$1 billion
  • The obsolete fund database has 11,553 dead funds going back to January 1998 – an essential tool for academics, historical portfolio construction and back testing index research

The audience for the Eurekahedge Global Hedge Fund Database are predominantly hedge fund investors such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, foundations, endowments, third party marketers and other capital raisers, family offices, funds of funds, managed account platforms, private banks, seeders and high net worth individuals.

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Comprehensive Data

Eurekahedge databases track over 91 qualitative and data points and 39 statistical measurements per fund, making it easier to analyse managers performances.

Timely Updates

Eurekahedge provides access to the latest information you need for your investment decisions. 94% of all NAVs are updates by month-end.