Hedge Fund Investor Newsletters

Market your fund with the hedge fund investor newsletter, a customized service launched by Eurekahedge designed to help you highlight your fund performances and relevant data when communicating with your investors.

Ensure Your Fund's Success:

An Effecting Marketing Strategy With Fund Marketing Materials

Raising capital at the best of times in the hedge fund industry is becoming a challenge. As hedge fund websites contain little detail, the most widely distributed material by a hedge fund is its monthly performance report which serves as a source of information for existing investors. Prepared by our experienced personnel, the Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Investor Newsletters provide hedge funds with quality fund reports to aid in their asset raising.

4 Key To A Successful Fund Report:

  • Aesthetics - Some investors will be put off by untidy and poorly presented reports. No investor will be put off by professional looking reports.
  • Layout - To attract new investors, attention grabbing data should be presented prominently on the front page with lesser details on subsequent pages.
  • Return Graphs - With over 300 Eurekahedge indices we can provide and give advice on the most appropriate benchmarks to demonstrate industry outperformance. We can also use equity benchmarks to visually demonstrate alpha or low correlations to markets
  • Statistics - Loading up on risk and return statistics is a given. The more the better. Investors feel an increased sense of empowerment and control if they have access to more statistics

template of a hedge fund investors newslette

Why Choose Eurekahedge?

With tens of thousands of funds in our database and hundreds of statistical data points per fund, Eurekahedge can work out the best way to highlight the most effective statistical properties for your fund. Send us your latest monthly return and commentary and we guarantee to turn this around and back to you in a fully fledged PDF report in 24 hours. While most funds produce their own reports we feel we are in a better position to do this because of

  • Experience - We have over 100GB of hedge fund reports from well over 10,000 hedge funds and have been collecting these data for almost 15 years
  • Research- We have surveyed and researched reports from all of the most successful managers in our database and know which are the most popular graphs and charts utilised by the most successful managers
  • Statistics - We have analytical platforms and programs that can quickly calculate just about every statistic imaginable
  • Accuracy - We calculate the statistics on all updated funds in our database, providing accuracy according to existing data

Choose Between Two Options

  • Provide you with 12 monthly reports based on one of our existing formats and designs.
  • We perform an analysis of your marketing campaign and provide you with 12 fully customised monthly reports with the graphs, stats, charts and tables of your preference.

Sample Reports

hedge fund marketing with data on a specific hedge fund highlighted in the hedge fund investor newsletter     hedge fund marketing with data on a specific hedge fund highlighted in the hedge fund investor newsletter     hedge fund marketing with data on a specific hedge fund highlighted in the hedge fund investor newsletter

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