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Eurekahedge and AlternativeSoft Announce Their Partnership

Eurekahedge and AlternativeSoft are pleased to announce they have entered into a partnership to make databases supplied by Eurekahedge, the leading hedge fund data company, available through the software platform of AlternativeSoft, on a daily basis.

Eurekahedge is the world's largest independent alternative fund research company. Dedicated to the collation, development and continuous improvement of alternative investment data, we publish our research in hard copy directories and disseminate it through a variety of data products.  We maintain a list of 12,574 funds, including 7,080 hedge funds and funds of hedge funds, 4,134 private equity funds, 328 Islamic funds and 1,023 obsolete funds. Moreover, fund returns are updated daily and are available on the website.

AlternativeSoft has a software platform dedicated to fund of hedge funds construction, hedge fund selection and hedge fund index return forecasting. The software platform also includes classical risk statistics for hedge funds and funds of funds, as well as some exclusive downside risk measures.

According to Stephan Joehri, Managing Partner at AlternativeSoft, “The combination of the Eurekahedge database, updated daily, and our technique to build funds of funds with low downside risks, will delight our users. Imagine the following: a subscriber to Eurekahedge and AlternativeSoft will have the ability to see, each morning, the most recent 5,000 hedge funds returns, the most recent 2,000 fund of funds returns and the Eurekahedge indices returns, with all returns updated daily and in a single piece of software.  This is differentiation for a subscriber!”

“Eurekahedge has always grown its hedge fund database organically based on our customers’ feedback. From this approach we came into contact with AlternativeSoft and found that their platform complemented our data. The synergies between the two companies have made for a successful partnership and we look forward to the convenience we will bring our mutual clients,” says Alexander Mearns, Managing Director of Eurekahedge.

About Eurekahedge

Eurekahedgeis an independent research company focused on alternative investments. Founded in 2001, we are headquartered in Singapore and have representative offices in New York and London. We maintain coverage on 15,000 alternative funds globally and disseminate data on over 12,500 alternative funds.

Our global alternative research covers hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity funds, Islamic funds, real estate funds and long-only absolute return funds.

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About AlternativeSoft

AlternativeSoft was founded in 2004, with offices in Zurich, London and New York. AlternativeSoft is the leading provider for tools for portfolio construction with hedge fund and fund of funds construction.  Classical portfolio construction techniques ignore the specific features characterising hedge funds and deliver thus inappropriate solutions to portfolio construction and risk measures. AlternativeSoft goes farther; their tools employ models that are more meaningful in the context of hedge funds.

The platform, called HFOptimizer, can be downloaded, for qualified companies only, for a 30-day free trial, from their website at


If you are interested, please contact:


Alexander Mearns
Managing Director
Singapore: +65 6212 0924


Stephan Joehri
Managing Partner
Zurich: +41 76 331 15 38
London: +44 207 510 2003
New York: +1 609 220 9635