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EN Benten Japan Fund L.P. to Launch in January 2003


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EN Benten Japan Fund L.P. to Launch in January 2003

EN Asset Management, the specialist Japanese Equity house founded by well known managers, Peter Nicholas and Jon Easton, will launch their first US onshore product on 1st January 2003. The EN Benten Japan Fund, L.P. will follow exactly the same investment philosophy as the successful EN Benten Japan Fund Ltd offshore fund, which launched on 10th December 2001.

The EN Benten Japan Fund L.P. is a Delaware based limited partnership which will commence trading on 1st January with four launch investors. A long/short equity fund with low market exposure, it will exploit the principals' proven stock-picking skills. Russell Harrop in London and Peter Rawle in Tokyo make up the other two members of the investment team. In aggregate, the team led by Nicholas and Easton have 60 years experience of the Japanese equities market.

Demand for the onshore Fund has been very strong, following the impressive performance of the offshore EN Benten Japan Fund Ltd, which has returned in excess of 15% since launch.

Commenting on launch, Jon Easton states:

"EN Asset Management has been built with the support of US investors, who were eager and enthusiastic backers of our firm, right from the outset. With our focus on our US client base, it was always our intention to launch an onshore fund just as soon as we were able to do so. We are delighted that we can now offer our investment strategy in a tax efficient form, for the benefit of US taxable investors."

For Immediate Release (23 December 2002). Contact:

Peter Nicholas +44 20 7648 8972 e-mail
Jon Easton +44 20 7648 8975 e-mail