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Press Release: Eurekahedge and investOrbit's new partnership reinventing the future of investor-manager relations

July 2015 | Eurekahedge

NEW YORK (JULY 16, 2015) - Eurekahedge, the world’s largest independent alternative investment data provider and research firm, and investOrbit, the innovative FinTech investor-manager interaction system, today announced their partnership to help transform and accelerate the manager selection process for thousands of Eurekahedge’s investor clients.

The Eurekahedge Report - July 2015

July 2015 | Eurekahedge

The July 2015 Eurekahedge Report contains qualitative and quantitative analyses on the industry's assets flows and performance over the past month, with a special feature on key trends in European hedge funds and UCITS hedge funds.

Asset Flows Update

July 2015 | Eurekahedge

The Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index posted its first losing month in 2015, down 1.19% in June, outperforming underlying markets as represented by the MSCI World Index which was down 2.88% during the month. Despite a strong start to the year, events in Europe and China have dented hedge fund returns in June, with overall 1H 2015 returns coming in at 3.37%, comparable to the 3.11% gain seen over the same period last year.

Hedge Fund Performance Commentary

July 2015 | Eurekahedge

After five months of consecutive gains, hedge funds posted their first monthly loss in 2015 of 1.19% in June, though comfortably outperforming underlying markets as the MSCI World Index fell 2.88% during the same month. Asia ex-Japan mandated hedge funds suffered their worst month of losses since June 2013, down 1.58% as Chinese equity markets entered into correction during the month. The Shenzhen and Shanghai Composite Indices declined by 11.78% and 7.25% during the month respectively. Talks between Greece and its creditors further overshadowed markets with European managers also posting losses of 1.13% during the month.

2015 Key Trends in European Hedge Funds

July 2015 | Eurekahedge

The European hedge fund industry has been gaining ground despite the challenging circumstances in the Eurozone region. Given the strong recovery posted by European hedge funds, March 2014 saw the industry’s assets under management (AUM) of US$478.1 billion breach past its October 2007 pre-crisis AUM. The onset of the recent Greek crisis has not deterred AUM growth in the region as AUM continued to climb steadily from 2012 onwards, reaching US$506.8 billion, managed by 4,016 hedge funds in May 2015. On a year-to-date basis, the total AUM of European hedge funds grew US$20.1 billion, largely on the back of performance-based gains which account for roughly two-thirds of the total growth in European AUM in 2015.

2015 Key Trends in UCITS Hedge Funds

July 2015 | Eurekahedge

The Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities, or ‘UCITS’, was designed to meet investor demand for well-regulated instruments monitored by improved compliance standards in the areas of investor protection, regulation and disclosure. The demand for UCITS products grew steadily after the financial crisis as UCITS hedge funds are of interest to investors especially during times of market stress. The regulatory bodies of the EU are continually updating and improving upon the product to maintain its relevance to investors, with the UCITS V being the most recent set of regulations implemented.

Fund Administration – Opportunities for Offshore and Alternative Investment Funds

July 2015 | Aki Corsoni-Husain and Elina Mantrali, Harneys

Following the implementation of the EU Alternative Investment Fund Managers (AIFM) Directive (2011/61/EC) and associated legislation, Cyprus now lays claim to being a growth jurisdiction within the European Union for the establishment and servicing of boutique and low cost alternative investment funds based locally or offshore. The choice of fund administrator is of paramount importance to the set-up of any hedge fund and in Cyprus there are many reasons to use or establish locally-based operations.

ICAV - the New Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle

July 2015 | Mark Browne, Dechert LLP

Ireland enacted legislation earlier this year which provides for a new type of corporate fund – the Irish Collective Asset-management Vehicle (ICAV). The ICAV is an innovative corporate structure specifically designed for use as an investment fund. It features a number of specific advantages when compared to previous corporate structures available for use as funds in Ireland, one of the primary jurisdictions for domiciling investment funds in Europe. This article outlines the salient features of the ICAV, highlights its differentiating characteristics and explores the instances where it is most likely to be of assistance to fund promoters in both the traditional and alternative spaces.

Islamic Finance in Korea: Is The Timing Right for It?

July 2015 | Yong-Jae Chang, Lee & Ko

In Korea, it has been a very frustrating and painful experience for a market participant with a keen interest having to wait for any significant developments to introduce Islamic finance (in particular, Sukuk) transactions because there has been no public debate or discussion of the bill to amend the Special Tax Treatment Control Act (STTCA) since 2011. This is so true especially after witnessing each successful issuance of sovereign Sukuk by the UK and Hong Kong governments in 2014. Yong-Jae Chang writes.

Raising Your Next Fund: The Rising Tide of Global Regulatory Change

July 2015 | Suzanne Gibson and John Sullivan, King Wood & Mallesons

There has recently been a wave of global regulatory reforms which affect fundraising. These changes are far-reaching and can impact how fund managers structure funds, their proposed investor base, how and where funds are marketed, the remuneration that may be received, registrations that may be required and dealings with investors.