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RiskShell list of components

Components Basic Ultimate I Ultimate II Ultimate III
  Search filters (100+) excl. Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™ 
  Peer group analysis (Classic & Multi-statistic)
  Risk engine for asset valuation (100+ metrics)
  Side-by-side analysis
  Interactive charting (2D & 3D charts)
  Macroeconomic Scenario Screening™
  Attribution Analysis (Static, Dynamic) incl. Trend Segmentation™
  Stress Testing module (models, scenarios, extreme events)
  Holdings-Based Analysis module
  FlexiRank™ analysis (custom ranking criteria)
  Wallets incl. the Global scope data containers
  Portfolio What-If module
  Report Builder (technical and design reports)
  Custom assets incl. Portfolio module
  Index Builder
  Proxy Builder
  Portfolio advanced correlation analysis
  Portfolio marginal risk contribution & diversification analysis
  Portfolio Optimization
  Portfolio rebalancing
  Market-neutral portfolio builder
  CRM Document Manger incl. email parser
  Data management module (custom fields & data merge)
  FoF Management (exposure, limit control & liquidity analysis)
  FoF shadow accounting
  Bloomberg integration (real-time & pre-saved)

All-in-one solution

Enterprise-grade framework for the front, middle and back offices.


A broad range of tools for family offices, FoF and institutional investors.


Unlimited solutions tailored for your use, system configurations and data feeds.

"Risk Shell is our platform of choice  for manager selection, risk management, portfolio construction and FoF accounting. Measuring risks and doing analysis across all these functions would be insufficient without Risk Shell.  It is definitely one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive risk frameworks available today. Risk Shell team has been a pleasure and delight to work with. They are always available to help us whenever we need their instant email advice or ask for a tutorial via web conferences. They have been also very cooperative in adding new Risk Shell features based on our requests". 

Noemi Holecz, CFA
International Business Development and Risk Manager


"We have been using Risk Shell for over two years. Covering all corners of risk management from statistical analysis, stress testing and peer group analysis to portfolio construction, optimization and FoF accounting, Risk Shell is one of the most advanced tools I've used. The service is excellent and a real difference maker."

Jamison McAuley, CFA
Vice President - Investments
Inflection Management Inc.


"We use Risk Shell for multiple tasks: manager research and selection, risk evaluation, factor and peer group analysis, portfolio construction, reporting and FoF accounting. Risk Shell is an advanced all-in one analytical platforms designed for professional hedge fund investors and multi-asset portfolio managers. Having used a number of the industry solutions out there, we found Risk Shell to be the platform that best suits our needs. Risk Shell is complemented by effective support, comprehensive training and unique on-demand custom development program."

Athanasios Kakalis
Sr. Analyst
Fix family office


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