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  • Man Group shares lifted by rise in managed assets
    British hedge fund firm Man Group (EMG.L) said net inflows, positive market moves and the impact of a recent a...
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  • 2017, so far so good for hedge funds
    Hedge funds added about $49.6 billion during the first quarter of 2017, according to Eurekahedge. The asset ga...
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  • Quant Funds Engaging In New Strategies
    North American quantitative fund managers have been positive in nine out of 11 monthly major risk events, a Eu...
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  • Eurekahedge Hedge Fund Index up 0.34% in March (+2.29% YTD)
    Hedge funds were up 0.34% in March with Q1 2017 gains coming in at 2.29%. Investor subscriptions have picked u...
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  • Here’s how much hedge fund managers are paid in Hong Kong
    Hedge funds have a reputation for paying huge sums, particularly in locations like London and New York, but wh...
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  • Hedge funds see 2.29 per cent gains for Q1 2017
    Hedge funds gained 0.34 per cent during the month of March, bringing its first quarter performance to a gain o...
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  • Eurekahedge: Hedge Fund Index Gains 2.29% In Q1/2017
    Hedge funds largely weathered a number of headwinds in March, including a Fed interest rate hike, Trump's stum...
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  • Hedge Funds Post Mixed Results Amid Policy Uncertainties
    Burdened by uncertainty in global and U.S. policy, hedge fund managers posted mere 0.34-percent gains in March...
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  • Hedge Funds See 2.29% Gains For 1Q 2017
    Hedge funds gained 0.34% during the month of March, bringing its first quarter performance to a gain of 2.29%....
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  • Hedge funds suffer money exodus
    Once wielding powerful influence on global financial markets, hedge funds are losing customers as more investo...
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