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  • Odey, Lansdowne Hedge Funds See Declines in September
    Crispin Odey’s European long-short equity fund deepened its losses for the year after shedding an estimated 4....
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  • The Massive Hedge Fund Betting on AI
    Initially wary of the technology, Man Group was soon persuaded by the returns from algorithm-centric funds.

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    On August 29, we at AllAboutAlpha ran a summary of the latest Eurekahedge report, saying that total hedge fund...
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  • U.S. Money is Pouring Into Asian Hedge Funds - The Wall Street Journal
    After a long absence, global investors are pouring money into hedge funds that focus on China, India and other...
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  • BoE sparks hedge funds' biggest bearish sterling bet reversal: McGeeverl
    Warnings from BoE officials - as sudden as they were stark - that interest rates could soon go up have sparked...
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  • Best Hedge Fund on India Says Expect 7 Good Years in the Next 10
    The top-performing hedge fund focused on India isn’t scared by equity valuations that are the most expensive i...
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  • Hot EM Hedge Funds Attracting Billions
    If you’re investing your clients’ money in hedge funds that focus on China, India and other emerging markets, ...
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  • One more big push is coming for the S&P 500, thanks to these losers
    Warren Buffett could be heard giving Wall Street the old sis-boom-bah in New York last night, saying don’t sho...
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  • After Shrinking In 2016 Hedge Fund Assets Growing Again
    In 2016, the financial press seemed convinced that the hedge fund industry as we know it, was dying a slow dea...
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  • Hedge funds up 5.12 per cent YTD, says Eurekahedge
    That’s according to the latest Eurekahedge monthly report which reveals that total hedge fund assets grew by U...
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