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  • Superior Portfolio ROI With Artificially Intelligent Algorithms
    Machine learning hedge investment funds have achieved almost double if not triple the returns of their traditi...
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  • How to bet on bitcoin, without the crazy volatility? Here’s one idea
    Amid what appears to be widespread fatigue among traditional investors, excitement is booming in the wild, wil...
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  • Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Outperform Rivals
    The cryptocurrency hedge fund industry has significantly expanded in recent years. The meteoric rise in the pr...
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  • This play beats bitcoin with 100%-plus returns — and it’s less risky
    Summertime and the living isn’t so easy, if you’re a stock investor looking over your shoulder at oil. The hes...
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  • You Want Hedge Funds Who Have Skin In The Game
    A number of studies have noted over the years that companies with the highest insider ownership, tend to outpe...
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  • Eurekahedge: Asset Flows Increasing As Investor Appetite For Hedge Funds Returns
    Helped by year-to-date returns of +3.28%, investor appetite for hedge funds has picked up pace since the start...
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  • Cryptocurrency Hedge Funds Generate Huge Returns As Bitcoin Surges
    No matter how exotic the asset, if there are profits to be made you can be sure Wall Street will find some way...
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  • Hedge funds up 0.33 per cent in May, says EurekaHedge
    Investor appetite for hedge funds has picked up pace since the start of the year, with net inflows of USD39.0 ...
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  • Singapore: GIC commits up to $100m to hedge fund Lauro Asset Management
    Singapore’s sovereign wealth fund GIC has committed $100 million to a hedge fund started by former employee Da...
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  • Graticule Fund Said to Part Ways With at Least 5 Staff
    Graticule Asset Management Asia, the $4.8 billion hedge fund led by Adam Levinson, parted ways with at least f...
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